Mission Statement

Scottsdale School of Fitness is a professional private training facility. Our mission is to make a difference in the quality of life by establishing a solid foundation of health and fitness.


Established on February 20th, 2002 to the present day.


Our clientele ranges from athletes to the elderly. Age is never a factor when teaching fitness. With 18 Professional fitness instructors, with many backgrounds, there hasn’t been any challenge too difficult. We are all certified personal trainers with an extensive amount of experience. Our approach to fitness and collective knowledge is what sets us apart from all the other training facilities. With many different methods and styles of training, we embrace them all. We are always trying to find new and creative ways to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Health Philosophy

Fitness is a choice. Everyday, we make decisions that affect our mental and physical health. The most important part of our decision-making is taking responsibility for our own actions. We affect the lives of many, simply by choosing. We can learn from our choices of the past and make better decisions, which benefit into leading a healthier lifestyle. It takes a tremendous amount of will power and awareness to break old habits, which hinder a positive outcome. Change the mind first, then the body will follow. Knowledge is not power, without action.

Teachers of Fitness

Our mission as Fitness instructors is to guide the choices made and emphasize the outcome it has in either helping or hindering the intended results you desire. At Scottsdale School of Fitness, we help in identifying a choice made, and give you a clear vision on the repercussions of an action. Accountability and motivation is the key to success in what we do. We also believe that everyone must set a course with a goal in mind. We plan out a course and set a path toward a goal with discipline rather than emotion. We start with a belief system, and make it reality. We believe in changing the mind first for an inside out approach, rather than the surrounding environment. It is our goal to contribute to our profession with a progressive approach to fitness.


* Our first session is free, with no obligations. There will be an annual fee $50 to all clientele. We also offer limited memberships at $50. Per month. As a client of Scottsdale School of Fitness, we provide you with a meal plan and  free access to the cardiovascular equipment. As a Member you are able to use the gym floor without a trainer.

* Our trainers are true professionals, and have many years of experience.
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This is no pretty boy's gym, It's old school where you actually have to work to get fit! I give anything Rob does 5 Stars and then some.

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